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Progressive music and National Public Radio from Wayne State University. WDET-FM is a public radio station in Detroit, Michigan.

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  1. The Sports

    We teamed up The Sports Authority with the NFL to pass along quality sporting goods from kids who outgrew them to kids who needed them.

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  2. Explorer

    If Ford was reinventing the SUV, it was only appropriate that we reinvent the SUV launch.

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  3. We Own Work

    The stats were in. Ford Super Duty® trucks were kicking butt on job sites all across the nation. It was time for a declaration.

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  4. Mustang

    Most Mustang fans have dreamed of what their dream pony car would look like. We created a tool—and a battleground—for them to see it come to life.

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  5. F-150
    Torture Test

    We took one F-150 EcoBoost engine and subjected it to a slasher movie-style world of pain to prove it’s Built Ford Tough®.

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  6. Focus

    We rallied around the all-new Focus and launched the ultimate interactive, cross-country road race.

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  7. Doug, the Ford

    Who could convince the world that the new Ford Focus was worth a look? A quick-witted, R-rated hand puppet.

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  8. Mustang

    Go ahead. Give the Ford Mustang better miles-per-gallon and even smarter technology. It’ll still make your heart race.

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  9. CCS

    Our work for Detroit’s College for Creative Studies proved you can still reach today’s teenagers using low-tech communication.

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  10. Carhartt

    When an iconic American brand does its first TV commercial in more that 10 years, it'd better be good. It better grab you. And we definitely made sure it would grab you.

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  11. Ford

    The Ford Fiesta may look small. But between its smart technology and high mpg, it’s actually a pretty big deal.

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  12. Lincoln Innovators

    Lincoln chooses its friends wisely: People at the top of the design and innovation business who truly embody the Lincoln aesthetic.

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  13. Press

    Real talk. It’s what you get when Ford owners suddenly find themselves in the midst of a press conference—answering questions on the fly.

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  14. Scotts

    Independent retailers helped put Scotts on the map. So to return the love, Scotts released an entire line of products exclusively for them.

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  15. Bosch

    To prove Bosch Icon™ Wiper Blades can endure obscene weather, we teamed up with the fearless crew from Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers.

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  16. Ohio Art

    We say the bigger you get, the smaller your blocks should be. Micro-sized Nanoblocks have the magic to return you to childhood.

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  17. Ford Social

    We tapped into a group of people who had good vibes about Ford. The more they talked, the more we wanted to listen. To engage. And socialize.

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  18. Warrior

    What makes a Manchine? A downright clinical obsession with hockey and lacrosse that goes DNA-deep. Or at least down to your Nutt Hutt®.

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